Brilliantly Crafted Smiles at Stuart Prosthetic Dentistry

Olin D. Tyler II, C.D.T., D.M.D., M.S., P.A.

Brilliantly Crafted

Welcome to Your Practice

Our Mission: To provide EXCELLENT DENTAL CARE enabling each patient to maintain their teeth for a lifetime in maximal health, aesthetics, and function. In harmony with patient’s expectations, focusing on individual dental concerns, dedicated to the HIGHEST STANDARDS of care in the restoration and replacement of teeth.

  • Prosthodontics

    Artfully restoring your smile with experience, excellence and an eye for individual detail.

  • General Dentistry

    Maintaining impeccable oral health by educating patients with outstanding routine hygiene care.

  • Implant Restoration

    Brilliantly restoring smiles with artfully crafted, high quality implant restorations from trusted manufacturers and local labs.

Where you can expect


  • Dentures

    Smile with brilliant confidence. Complete or partial dentures custom fit, colored and created just for you.

  • Implants

    High quality, long lasting dental implants restore confidence in your smile.

  • Crowns & Bridges

    Expertly crafted from years of experience, high quality crowns and bridges restore brilliance in your smile.

  • Porcelain Veneers

    Beautifully sculpted veneers bring your smile artful confidence.

  • Invisalign®

    Straighten your smile discreetly and confidently with Invisalign. This treatment can take between six months and two years, to craft you an excellent smile.

Bringing the Art

of crafting the perfect denture & dental implant prosthesis home

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Olin Tyler II, CDT, DMD, MS has been working in the field of Dentistry since 1997. He strives to provide excellent prosthodontics and dental care to patients in his hometown.

Meet the Team

The excellent staff at Stuart Prosthetic Dentistry has been happily providing patients high-quality compassionate care for decades.