Routine Maintenance

Not every patient needs prosthodontic treatment, some are simply in need of cleanings and routine maintenance. Hygiene treatments, and correcting decay before it becomes a problem is extremely important to prevent the need for prosthodontic procedures and to preserve natural teeth for a lifetime.

Dr. Tyler is proud of the routine procedures he performs and the education he provides to his general dentistry patients.

Dr. Tyler’s goal is making sure his patient is comfortable and completely informed. Dr. Tyler’s ultimate goal is prevention, and helping his patients keep their teeth for a lifetime. We are constantly striving for excellence and to perform the best dentistry as possible.

General Dental Services

  • Comprehensive Exam & Diagnosis

    Every patient who walks into Stuart Prosthetic Dentistry receives a comprehensive exam. This exam is thorough and is aimed to educate you about your individualized treatment options.

  • Patient Education | Oral Hygiene

    Fully understanding your condition, options, and treatment is important to us at Stuart Prosthetic Dentistry. We believe an informed patient is a prepared patient.

  • Cleanings | Periodontal Therapy

    For patients who have been treated for periodontal disease, routine cleanings and therapy is necessary to mitigate and prevent the repercussions of the disease.

  • Fluoride Treatments

    Select patients, including those with dry mouth or other reasons causing high cavity potential, benefit greatly from topical fluoride application.

  • Desensitizing Procedures

    Teeth can become hypersensitive when enamel is removed from the tooth through recession, abfractions, fractures, or toothbrush abrasion.

  • Preventative Resins & Sealants

    If you have deep grooves in your chewing surfaces a sealant can be etched and bonded on to prevent tooth decay.

  • Night Guards

    Night-time tooth grinding and/or clenching is a problem for many patients. To protect teeth from cracks, fractures, and broken cusps a night guard may fit your needs.

  • Tooth Whitening

    Tooth whitening is a very popular treatment for patients who want a brighter smile.

  • Fillings & Bondings

    To correct tooth decay a filling can be placed. Dr. Tyler prefers to use high-quality composite to fill a cavity. Remodeling is a treatment for special cases where a desired result can be reached without taking the more aggressive approach of a crown.

  • Extractions

    Depending on your circumstances, you may need a tooth extracted. Dr. Tyler will evaluate your condition.

  • Endodontics

    Endodontic procedures are more commonly known as root canals. These procedures are an effective way to save natural teeth by removing infection from the root of the tooth and repairing it to prevent any further decay.

  • Gingivectomy | Crown Lengthening

    Gingivectomies are procedures that remove the soft tissue around a tooth. These can be performed to remove infected tissue, lengthen a crown, and make way for prosthetic procedures that must be performed for complete restoration.

  • Invisalign

    Straightening teeth can reduce the risk of periodontal disease by allowing improved oral hygiene and can help many prosthodontic treatments.

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