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General Dentistry

Regular visits to your dentist can help you prevent dental disease and find signs of disease early. Our office name really should be Stuart Prosthetic Dentistry AND MORE. Because we do more than prosthodontics. We believe in prevention and treating all dental diseases including early cavities and gum disease.

Dr. Tyler had to become a general dentist (DMD), before advanced training as a prosthodontist. He and his team can provide you with exceptional routine dental services, including General and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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General Dentistry Services

We Specialize In

Tooth Whitening

Gain a brighter and whiter smile


Taking preventative measures against tooth decay

Preventative Resins

A thicker, stronger sealant for mild decay

Fillings & Bonding

Repairing cavities with tooth-colored fillings

Dental Extractions

Safe, effective removal of non-restorable teeth

Bone Grafting

Preserving the valuable bone surrounding teeth

Root Canals

Saving your severely damaged tooth

Invisalign & Retainers

Helping create and retain brilliant straight smiles

Night Guards

Prevent enamel damage from clenching/grinding

Athletic Guards

Serious mouth and teeth protection for athletes

Crown Lengthening

Our dental laser helps treat gum conditions

We Do More Than Prosthodontics

Not every patient needs prosthodontic treatment, some are simply in need of routine dental maintenance. Dental hygiene treatments, and correcting decay before it becomes a problem is extremely important to prevent the need for prosthodontic procedures and to preserve natural teeth for a lifetime. Keeping your teeth healthy, functional, and esthetic often has major positive impacts on your confidence, self-esteem, and quality of life.

Dr. Tyler is proud of the routine procedures he performs and the education he provides to his general dentistry patients.
Dr. Tyler’s goal is making sure his patient is comfortable and completely informed.

Stuart Prosthetic Dentistry’s ultimate goal is prevention and helping patients keep their teeth for a lifetime. We are constantly striving for excellence and to perform the best dentistry as possible.

Your Comfort and Care is Our Highest Priority

Family Dentistry

Reclaim Your Smile.

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Our Mission

To provide EXCELLENT DENTAL CARE enabling each patient to maintain their teeth for a lifetime in maximal health, aesthetics, and function. In harmony with patient’s expectations, focusing on individual dental concerns, dedicated to the HIGHEST STANDARDS of care in the restoration and replacement of teeth.