When you’re missing multiple teeth, dentures may be the next best option. Dentures allow you to do things like chew, speak, and feel confident when you smile. That’s why it is important that you care for your dentures. In order to better help you, we’ve put together a list of common mistakes you can avoid doing when maintaining your dentures:


Do Not Skip Brushing

Having dentures does not mean you should skip out on daily oral hygiene. You can’t forget about your tongue, gums, or other teeth, if you still have any remaining. Brushing twice daily and in-between meals with a fluoride toothpaste will continue to keep your gums, tongue, and remaining teeth healthy. Brushing will also reduce any irritation from wearing your dentures. Don’t forget about brushing your dentures also. Because dentures are much softer than natural teeth, you’re going to want to use a soft bristle toothbrush. Use a paste specifically for dentures to avoid any damage. Don’t forget to clean the whole denture, not just the teeth.  

Say No to Bleach

Many believe bleach will remove stains from your dentures, but it’s actually damaging. Bleach can weaken the dentures, causing it to wear down faster. It can also cause the gum area of the denture to fade and lose its pink color. Instead, consult with your dentist about what denture cleaning products would be right for you.  

Take Care of Them

Forgetting to place your dentures in water can cause them to dry out and become unwearable. Never leave your dentures anywhere other than in a glass or container of water, unless your dentist tells you otherwise. It is also important not to abuse your dentures. And be careful when cleaning them. Try filling your sink with water and brush your dentures over the sink as a precaution, just in case you accidentally drop them.  

Keep your Appointments

You should always keep your regular dental appointments. You’ll still need to have a routine check-up to ensure that your mouth is in good health. At some point, your gums may shrink and your dentures may become loose fitting. You dentist will be able to identify any issues and refit or replace your dentures. 

Taking good care of your dentures is important. If you feel discomfort or notice that your dentures have become loose or is starting to make a clicking sound, please feel free to call our office at (772)286-1606 to schedule an appointment.