Broken, missing or damaged teeth can be unsightly and uncomfortable. They can leave you feeling self-conscious. This can be a traumatic experience, that you'd like to have corrected as soon as possible. Traditional dental implant surgery can take months for the process to be complete. However, there are procedures that allow the immediate placement of new teeth. If you have missing or damaged teeth and are looking for an alternative to dentures, you should discuss "Teeth In A Day" with your prosthodontist, the dental specialist formally trained to provide this type of dental implant treatment.   



What Is "Teeth In A Day"?

"Teeth In A Day" is a method of immediate implant surgery to allow replacement of all teeth on a dental arch. Some types of dental implant surgery require a multi-step method, where there is a healing period between the placing of the implant and the placing of the crown. However, if your bone structure is in good health, you may be a candidate for immediate load dental implants, like "Teeth In A Day." This means both the dental implant and a set of replacement teeth will be placed in the same appointment. Allowing you to leave the office with an aesthetically pleasing smile and teeth you are able to eat with.


Who Is A Candidate For "Teeth In A Day"?

Anyone who has missing or broken teeth, are about to lose their teeth or are current denture wearers may be a candidate for dental implant surgery. For immediate load implants, like Teeth In A Day, you will need to have a strong jaw bone structure. This is because the bone needs to be strong enough to support the secure placement and immediate pressure of the replacement teeth. Other factors to consider are healthy oral tissues and not smoking tobacco. Smoking can lead to complications in the healing process. 

How Long Does It Take?

The dentist will use advanced computer imaging technology to create a set of personalized replacement teeth that fit into place immediately and minimize healing time. Unlike with traditional implants, which require a 4-6 month healing time between procedures, your interim replacement teeth with be placed the same day. The surgery will last about two hours. During this time, you'll be placed under general anesthesia. When finished, you'll have a beautiful, fully functioning set of teeth that requires minimal healing time. There may be some soreness for a few days of healing after the procedure, which is managed with prescription medication.


How Long Will My New Teeth Last?

This can be a complicated question and the answer is highly individual. Generally speaking, implanted teeth will last about 10-15 years. However, this does depend on how well they're cared for. Good oral hygiene habits will go a long way to preserving the quality of your new teeth. Remember, your own teeth did not last a lifetime and these teeth will be subjected to the same wear and tear that the previous ones were. But, with good habits, your new teeth should last years to come and provide you with a beautiful smile you can be proud of.


Teeth In A Day can provide you with a gorgeous smile and healthy, functioning teeth for many years, without the healing time that traditional dental implant surgery requires. Contact us at Stuart Prosthetic Dentistry to find out if Teeth In A Day is right for you. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have or to schedule a consultation for your procedure.