Best Results

Dr. Tyler works with a network of qualified dental providers to achieve the best results for all his patients.

Finding The Right Specialist

An interdisciplinary approach to dentistry brings many specialists together to improve the life of a single patient. In some complicated cases the need for an oral surgeon, periodontist, orthodontist, or other dental specialist as well as the expertise of a prosthodontist is necessary. Dr. Tyler often receives and gives referrals to these specialists to provide the best care and education possible for his patients.

dentist with patient

Reason for appointment: Teeth cleaning and check up.
How was your experience: Great! I felt not so anxious and more relaxed.
Can you describe how you were treated by Dr. Tyler and the staff at Stuart Prosthetic Dentistry:
All very nice, friendly and down to earth staff and Doctor.
Doug B. | FL – Patient since 2016

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